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By adopting the international advanced and domestic exclusive membrane separation production process, the product quality has reached the world advanced level and can meet the highest requirements of customers for quality.

Lactose monohydrate
Lactose monohydrate

The pharmaceutical grade lactose we produce is white crystal powder, the molecular formula C12H22O11•H2O. Pharmaceutical lactose is one of the versatile excipients in the pharmaceutical industry. It is primarily incorporated as a filler or body for tablets, capsules and sachets. Pharmaceutical grades of lactose deliver excellent performance and functionality, while being compatible with most other excipients and active ingredients. It is cost-effective, stable, inert and widely accepted in the industry.
Dextran 40 for injection up to USP28, BP2004 and EP5.0 standard,Dextranum Plavoles in-tradex Gentran Polyglucino Mucrose Glucose polymer

Shanghai Huamao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. founded in 1996, is an export-oriented high-tech enterprise with 

professional production of Pharmaceutical Lactose and DextransDextran-Series products and Pharmaceutical 

Lactose have obtained the Approval of State Drug Administration respectively, the annual production capacity

 up to 400 tons and 1000 tons ,and product quality has reached the level of the latest USP and BP standards. 

Products sales to Eastern Europe South Asia North America and more than 10 countries and regions.







The first professional manufacturer of medicinal lactose in China has repeatedly passed the on-site audit of internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies, and the product quality has been widely praised by customers.


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