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Dextran 40

Item Code:40 Features:Dextran 40 for injection up to USP28, BP2004 and EP5.0 standard,Dextranum Plavoles in-tradex Gentran Polyglucino Mucrose Glucose polymer
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Dextran 40 for injection up to USP28, BP2004 and EP5.0 standard
Dextranum Plavoles in-tradex Gentran Polyglucino Mucrose Glucose polymer
CAS: 9004-54-0
MF: [C6H10O5]n


Used for clinical injection,synthesize dextran gel and other important derivatives;

plasma volume expander,improve the microcirculation,

keep blood from bolting formation and benefit urine function;

Double PE/aluminum foil /PET film layer bag,paper drum

Package: 25Kg/drum

►The high Mw dextran produced form fermentation is hydrolyzed to obtain dextran with Mw from 1000 to hundreds of thousands.

Dextran is soluble in water but insoluble in organic solvent such as alcohol.

► The hydrolyzed dextran is fractionated by being precipitated with alcohol. 

Advantages of Membrane Separation Process

1. Need no alcohol or other organic solvent,much less solvent residues or other related impurities;
2. Deals with water solution,easier to perform the discoloration,ion-exchange,dialysis and other refining operation.
3. Easier to produce the Dextran products with required Mw,especially low Mw dextran.
4. Most of the operations are performed in hermetic pipeline,meet the requirements of GMP.
5. Easier to carry out flow production.Production capacity is 400 MT per year.

Membrance separation system  


Pure water system


Cleaned Drying Processes I


Cleaned Drying Processes II



High-pressure liauid chromatography I High-pressure liauid chromatography II


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